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Finding accurate news about air filtration and Covid-19 can be challenging. So we're constantly on the lookout for information from trusted sources that will be valuable for customers seeking the latest information.


Southwest Airlines Relies on HEPA Filtration During Pandemic

Every Southwest aircraft is equipped with a sophisticated air recirculation system that introduces fresh air into the cabin every second while inflight and uses HEPA filters onboard —similar to the technology found in hospitals. READ THE ARTICLE ON SOUTHWEST AIR SITE HERE.

CDC Acknowledges COVID-19 Can Spread Via Tiny Particles

The CDC updated guidelines stating that the virus can spread to people more than 6 feet away. Although the agency believes the virus is primarily spread through droplets within 6 feet, there is evidence that people more than 6 feet away can be infected. Evidence points to particular risk in enclosed spaces with inadequate ventilation. READ THE ARTICLE IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL HERE.

10 NYC Public Schools Delay Reopening Due To Ventilation Issues

One of the important factors in reopening facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic is adequate ventilation. 10 NYC schools were delayed so portable HEPA filters could be installed to improve air circulation. READ THE ARTICLE IN THE NEW YORK POST HERE.

Mayo Clinic Weighs In On HEPA Air Filtration and COVID-19

Dr. Gregory Poland, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert says that portable HEPA air filters can help reduce the transmission of viruses. READ THE ARTICLE ON THE MAYO CLINIC SITE HERE.

Evidence of COVID-19 Transmitted Through Aerosols

A professor of Chemistry at the University of Colorado—Boulder and Fellow of the American Association of Aerosol Research pens this article in Time about evidence confirming the role of aerosols in the transmission of COVID-19. READ THE ARTICLE IN TIME HERE.

Air Pro Solutions Helps Create Safer Indoor Air Environments

Creating safer indoor air is of critical concerns to all types of businesses with the onset of winter combined with the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.


The Coronavirus Is Airborne — What That Means For You.

This article from CNET discusses the role of aerosols, droplets and microparticles in the transmission of COVID-19. Also included is information on best practices for personal protection and the importance of ventilation and indoor air quality. READ THE ARTICLE ON CNET SITE HERE.

Chicago Public Schools Cleared for Re-opening With Air Filtration

Chicago Public Schools has created a multi-faceted approach to protecting students and faculty that includes "a functioning mechanical ventilation system or a working window with at least one air purifier, depending on the size of the room." READ THE ARTICLE IN THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE HERE

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